Advertising campaign

Laurence Simons

Laurence Simons International Legal Recruitment. Recognised as the world’s largest legal recruiter outside the US with offices in Amsterdam, Sydney, Manchester, Dublin, Paris and London.

The work

Advertising • Research • eMarketing

The brief

Research current attitudes to legal recruitment advertising and efficacy of current spend. Develop a new series of advertising templates in line with the research results. Create definition and brand recall in a crowded marketplace.

The solution

Firedog designed and managed a research survey using online research technologies that we have available. 50 candidates were asked for their opinions on effective legal recruitment advertising. The results were presented to the marketing team at LSI. Based on the findings, Firedog developed a series of advertising templates that utilised a new visual metaphor for the company.

The results

Post-launch research offered a significant increase in overall brand awareness/recall for LSI. The frog survived the photo shoot and has now taken on an agent to handle bigger projects.

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