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OC&C Strategy Consultants are a leading management consultancy firm providing tailored solutions to international business challenges in a number of industry sectors, from consumer goods to financial services.

The work

Brochure design • Photography

The brief

OC&C produce regular publications to communicate areas of expertise and business intelligence externally. One series of publications are ‘Insights’ developed by department directors as ‘thoughtpieces’ outlining OC&C opinion and recent research on topical subjects. Firedog were commissioned to create a brochure to communicate one such ‘Insight’ that was first published in The Grocer magazine. ‘Staying ahead of the Curve,’ reports a survey and analysis of the world’s top FMCG companies’ financial performance. The brief was to design an engaging brochure that reflected OC&C brand values, communicate visually the core message of the report, and convey the ability to think creatively, develop new insights and challenge traditional points of view.

The solution

Firedog generated a series of visual concepts to reflect the idea of success and growth in the world of the fast moving consumer goods industry, and add dynamism to the financial and statistical analysis of the ‘Insight’ report. The selected metaphor explored the idea of high performance on the sports field, staying ahead on the running track by taking a lead role and beating the competition. Firedog’s design and image treatment reflected the OC&C core brand values of intelligence and insight with a clean and impactful execution. The front cover of the brochure features the product of a bespoke photography shoot conducted by Firedog, a powerful shot of running shoes with sharply focused spikes, poised and ready for deployment. This concept was followed through with abstracted full bleed images of a race in full action to capture the high performance spirit. In addition, Firedog refreshed the design guidelines of the brochure to update the look and feel and keep the tone of voice on brand.

The results

The print communication conveyed a clean and clear message combined with engaging and scientifically themed imagery – To great effect.

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