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ISBA, the voice of British advertisers, has been dedicating itself to protecting responsible advertising and to enhancing the effectiveness of its members since 1891. They offer training courses in marketing and hold an industry conference, annually.

Whilst the communications vary with application, they all feel part of a wider family.
Whilst the communications vary with application, they all feel part of a wider family.

The work

Collateral design • DM • Advertising

The brief

With a new logo recently commissioned, Firedog was tasked with managing the marketing strategy for the ISBA eventing function which included designing a visual brand universe to support the new identity.

The solution

Firedog began with a brand campaign to introduce the new identity through print and digital. The objective being to lead potential new members to the website and promote training courses. ISBA chose a concept for the campaign that was applied to a piece of direct mail, and a monthly and weekly electronic newsletter. Both newsletters were templated allowing ISBA to update as required. Firedog followed this up by redesigning and printing the ISBA Workshop brochure, which is sent out to all members listing the available courses. Finally, the identity was applied to the ISBA Conference brochure, which promotes their annual forum for everyone who’s anyone in advertising. To support the collateral digitally, Firedog created three banner adverts for marketing site Brand Republic.

The results

ISBA report that subscriptions have increased dramatically since the inception of the campaign. We have also developed the campaign across two years along with a host of extended materials.

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