Floodscape report

The Environment Agency

A public body responsible for the protection and improvement of the environment in England and Wales.

The floodscape report

Firedog were asked to design an extensive report to communicate the findings of a 4 year Floodscape project – an international study developing innovative solutions for flood risk management. With the brief landing 5 days before a Christmas break deadline, it was certainly one of those sink or swim situations. Firedog were given full creative license on the design – as a special international project, the report did not need to conform to standard identity guidelines. Instead, new design concepts were explored to communicate the project’s recommendations on flood defense, risk management and communication. A graphic ribbon device resembling the flow of water won the rounds of concept development – it conveyed a sense of controlled water movement at the same time as adding continuity to the layout. Firedog were also placed in charge of image manipulation and copy editing to ensure a good read.

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