Brand identity

Toma Global

TOMA is a consultancy that provides Business Intelligence for key individuals within organisations, primarily in the public sector. TOMA provide tools for information co-ordination geared to the specific needs of these key individuals. The work included: strategy, branding, web design, print collateral.


The brief

Firedog was tasked to rebrand TOMA Global, to provide them with a fresh new identity in order to appeal to certain markets they had not yet targeted. TOMA Global also wished to position themselves as a new entrant amongst competitors in order to market themselves within new and existing target sectors. Project deliverables include; brand strategy • core messaging •logo • iconography • corporate collateral • web design. TOMA is a perfect example of an entry level brand development and repositioning package which Firedog often provide for small businesses with limited budgets.

The solution

As a small business TOMA were particularly restricted by budget. Firedog provided a solution which demonstrates how our strategic thinking and process delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions by maximising all available resource. Firstly, Firedog advised that TOMA position themselves more than a purely Business Intelligence focus; hence the new strapline “Beyond business intelligence” Firedog created positioning and proposition statements with a down-to-earth tone in keeping with TOMA’s personal client service. Keywords were incorporated to further guarantee successful SEO. Firedog designed an icon around the concept that TOMA’s products aid clients to get straight to the core of their business challenge from the wealth of information available to them. The icon was locked up with a logotype from a bespoke sans serif font, further reinforcing the down-to-earth tone.

The results

The logo was articulated in a strong pink and purple palette which enhances TOMA’s slightly leftfield positioning from the staid, corporate competition. The visual look and feel of the brand built on the concept of TOMA as an enabler, extracting value for their clients. Simple everyday items are used in tandem with an image of the final outcome, supported by simple copy. For example: wheat turns to bread, orange to juice, bees to honey and so on. This concept provides endless new iterations for TOMA’s in-house team to reproduce as their business offering develops. Finally the identity was articulated as digital guidelines, stationery suite, PowerPoint template, corporate collateral and front-end web design, supplied to TOMA’s developers as a build kit.

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