Case Studies

Racing fact book publication created for the BHA

As part of a broader brand and digital project for the BHA, Firedog were tasked with the creation of a supporting racing brochure. The publication is designed to provide a snapshot overview of racing statistics for the whole of the UK.

Fact Book Design
The fact book cover

This fascinating horseracing book is a printed publication which carries all sorts of information about both the British Horseracing Authority and also about the general state of horseracing around the United Kingdom. We extended the existing brand look and feel into the printed medium. Clarity of information was paramount. We used the established typographic look and feel and colour palette to create a cohesive printed article.

Fact Book for British Racing
Fact Book Data
Fact Book Course Graphics
Fact Book Racing Statistics
Fact Book Infographics

A great deal of the content centered around key facts and figures so we created a series of page infographics which brought the data and fact book to life. Colour and equine photography is used liberally to add further interest.

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