Our 3 favourite artisanal product parodies

Parodies of mock boutique brands sending up artisanal products has been a thing now for quite a few years.

About seven years ago there was a wonderful outbreak of filmmakers on Vimeo all doing their best to send up the newly emerging fascination around boutique and artisanal brands. In a case of art imitating life – creators have taken the micky out of small batch producing brands the world over. What started out as an anti corporate movement quickly turned into an annoying holier than thou narrative. And where annoying content spreads, creative sarcasm and parody is sure to follow.

Here are our three favourite artisanal product parodies featuring over the top filmmaking around the most basic of products: Water, Wood and Toast.

The Timmy Brothers – It’s not just water, its a journey.

Artisanal Firewood – Only $1200 a batch

The maker – Toast extraordinaire

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