Music branding for Doctor Mix kicks off in studio

Doctor Mix is a audio and music brand in London headed up by Claudio Passavanti. The music brand spans Claudio’s professional online mixing and mastering business. Following this is the development of the online image for his YouTube persona of more than 530,000 subscribers.

We joined forces with Doctor Mix to create a series of videos. They demonstrate how to create music branding and a brand identity image within the music business. The series takes the audience through the strategic stages of establishing a brand positioning. The music branding process comes next. Following this, we create a digital identity. The digital identity extends to website design and the branding of social channels.

Cliff uses Metallica's Ride the Lighting cover to reference Music Branding style and tone
Cliff uses Metallica’s Ride the Lighting album cover as reference to brand style and tone.

Firedog is using the video content to further grow our footprint in the musical sector, a business category we are very passionate about! We are excited to be able to show our creative process to a wider audience.

Cliff takes notes for DoctorMix Music Branding
Cliff takes notes for the DoctorMix strategic positioning

In this first episode, Cliff interviews Claudio on both his online mastering business and his YouTube brand and image. The interview paints a picture of the Doctor Mix brand culture. This content distils into a strategic framework positioning. As a result, creative and music branding work developed measures up against this original positioning.

Next steps, watch “How to be a Branded Artist Pt. 1” below:

How to be a branded artist, part 1 featuring DoctorMix and Cliff from Firedog

For further case studies of our experience in the musical sector, check out our work on the Barbican Classical, Martin Audio and the BBC

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