Case Studies

Audio advertising for Audinate rings true

Audinate is a global leader of professional digital audio networking technologies. We were commissioned to deliver audio advertising concepts to communicate their Dante Via product. In a nutshell, Dante Via is easy-to-use software that delivers multi-channel routing of computer based audio.

We worked together with brand strategy consultancy Noah Worldwide in creating a vibrant campaign for the brand. The remit extended from visual identity, through to advertising concepts and the final graphic treatments. A a series of digital banner and display ads supported the print campaign.

A designer holds up an Audinate audio advertising based moodboard

Great ideas always start with a moodboard

Our creative brief was to illustrate the benefits and multi-channel, multi-application nature of the Dante platform. We came up with the idea of elements which became tied together with a thread. We needed to display actual sound gear and therefore we looked at ways of making a unique graphic system which enabled the ads to stand out in trade press. The graphic treatment relies on moody imagery linked with a restrictive colour palette.

Early creative concepts for Audinate audio advertising

Early creative concepts played with tonal colours and laser like links between graphics

The client was presented with a number of concepts from which to choose. They decided to go with a Mondrian like grid of elements that could be used to hold different elements. These could extend from copy to imagery to endorsement logos. As a result, the strong campaign has plenty of shelf standout in a sometimes dry media environment.

Audinate audio advertising concept

The chosen advertising concept features linear devices to divide up the ad area

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