Our Chip Shop Award!

Despite a thoroughly busy start to the year at Firedog, we’ve managed to fit in a creative side-project in amongst our client work – our Chip Shop Awards entry.

Chip Shop LogoFor those of you that haven’t chanced across the Chip Shops, they’re a set of advertising awards with a logo very reminiscent of the D&AD awards. But that’s where the similarity ends.

The Chip Shop Awards are about ideas – especially ones that take the piss. The ads entered don’t need to have been run, be for clients or products you work with, or even be for clients that exist. It’s a creative free-for-all with no limits on taste or decency – which produces a great, and very funny, body of work.

Being nominated this year for our entry for Canesten Duo meant a visit to the Awards, where we were given two bags of (edible) chips and a Vinegar (the silver award for the category)! You can see our award-winning creative and us receiving the award from one of the judges below.

We love the Chip Shops ethos and their bare-knuckle approach to creativity. It’s a refreshing antidote to the stuffy cronyism and backslapping often associated with other awards. With creative ranging from gasp-inducingly un-PC to downright bizarre, it was a thoroughly enjoyable (if slightly drunken) evening out with our peers. One we hope to be back for next year.

Title: Kills Thrush Dead

Kills Thrush Dead

Photos from the night in question:

Us collecting the award

Important message


Comedian on stage

Getting served

Having a chuckle

The awards

Another winner

Creativity without limits

The lovely crowd

The vinegars


We highly recommend a visit to their website!

(Original post author : Damien Attenborough)

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