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Did you know? Digital surpasses print in resolution, for the first time

Visionary technology from MicroOLEDAnd it’s not even a product in development… I’ve only just woke up to the fact that the iPhone 4 retina display carries a resolution of 326ppi (That’s pixels per inch).

In the good old day’s (That’s about a year ago), print designers could scoff at the concept of a digital interface due to the fact that the vast majority of displays could not match the quality of a lithograph printing press. Now, not only has Apple broken the rule for the first time – Other intrepid technologists are looking even further.

Over at popular Firedog reading room, Mashable, lies an article about the MicroOLED techies who have promised us an incredible 5.4 million gapless pixels buried into a 0.61-inch display. Before you drop your earl grey and run screaming for the nearest Dixons, the application is mostly in commercial circles – Early cited examples include head-mounted displays used by surgeons, as well as military night vision applications.

But still, time marches on and no doubt we’ll be blessed (or cursed?) soon enough. Personally, I cannot wait for full colour high resolution digital ink pseudo kindle tech, that would be a true revolution.

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