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The whole kit and Kaboodle

Freedman International recently celebrated the launch of their new product Kaboodle with a new website, following the branding work completed by Firedog.

‘What is Kaboodle?’ I hear you say. Well, it is a new marketing communication system to give the likes of Aprimo and Basecamp a run for their money. The system, created by Freedman International, uses Sharepoint technology to manage workflows, find company materials and allow disparate teams to communicate. If you’re familiar with either competitors (or even if you’re not), take a look at the Kaboodle offering on their site.

Firedog were handed the challenge of naming, branding and developing a website for the communications system, an exciting task and it is always wonderful to be engaged with a product right from the start. The seed had been sewn, without a solid name or brand and our role was to make it flourish, focusing on its vibrancy, transparency and straight talking nature. Our brief was simple, to create a fun and engaging name and a brand identity to match.

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Brand development

Mood boards

The Kaboodle Website

After a series of brainstorms and creative sessions we shortlisted two names to be developed into graphic moodboards to illustrate the feel of the brand. Kaboodle, from the phrase ‘the whole kit and kaboodle’, was chosen as it represented the product well – a collection of items stored in one place!

Firedog were handed
the challenge of naming, branding and developing
a website for the communications system

At this point a series of logo routes were created to give this name and concept an identity. The chosen route features a double faceted symbol – both an abstract K and an illusion of a hole or open container with magic inside! Inspired by the vibrancy and transparency of the product, the visual look and feel is comprised of a bright colour palette and translucent shapes. Smooth lines are also incorporated, reticent of the clean and simple-to-use technology.

The website showcases the benefits of Kaboodle to the main users within large companies, the marketing kids, operations list makers, IT geeks and the one holding the marketing budget purse strings. All of these people will want to see different functions from Kaboodle and as it works around you rather than making you work around the software, it can please all groups.

The Kaboodle website can be found at

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