The dog speaks

There’s only one thing worse than being talked about

DIGITAnd according to Oscar Wilde, that’s NOT being talked about. It’s always a pleasure to get noticed in this big old world and we’ve had a bit of press activity lately in the dogbox.Our research that we co-authored with the BDI is going down a storm within the design and advertising circles, causing a tad ripple effect. DIGIT mag, a great soapbox for the design industry, wrote a cover story about the research entitled ‘Fever pitch’, dedicating a full five pages to the article.

dotnetThen, we get a call from Christian Hall from .Net magazine, enquiring whether we wouldn’t mind penning a little story on ‘How to right a good brief’. Yours truly wrote a paper on the subject, which features together with a lovely portrait and all in the February edition of the glossy.

Could this be fame at last? Just Google me.

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