The dog speaks

Firedog. As seen on TV.

Firedog on tellyThere we were squirreling away. Doing what Firedog does and we received a call from out of the blue. Some guy called Chris from ‘something or other design agency’. We met up once at a networking function and we’d got on really well. (Mental note – must do more networking…)
Anyhow, Chris suggested that we contact the BBC as they were producing a new show called “HeadHunters” and wanted to feature a creative business in the new show they were airing in January 2006. Chris had seen our ‘Give Blood’ recruitment ad in that week’s Design Week magazine. It was an ad we had placed for a new middleweight designer… Fast forward through a hastily set-up screen test, a quick word with the candidates who had applied for the Firedog job and before you can say ‘You’re hired!’ we had a shoot date set up for the 4th of November at some hip, ultra modern building (albeit empty for over a year…) overlooking London City Airport.

Headhunters is the new business-based reality TV show from the same producers as Dragon’s Den and features the same unnerving pauses and crash zoom camera moves. So there it is, our name up in lights. The cost? Not much; Just a day out of the office and some seriously frantic telephone calls. Will it be our/my only

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