Firedog talks Virtual Identities

Vote for Cliff from Firedog to talk at Digital Shoreditch 2012.

The proposed theme of the expert talk is ‘Virtual Identities – the future of digital branding’ but we need your votes. The number of votes we get will determine whether the talk goes ahead and if it does, the prominance within the programme of Digital Shoreditch 2012 events.


The talk will answer questions around

  • How to brand and position digital businesses and online brands.
  • How to effectively build brand equity in a start up digital business.
  • How to gear your digital venture for investment, exit or acquisition.

Digital Shoreditch 2012 is hoping to attract 50,000 atendees at over 200 events this year – the biggest year so far. If you vote for Firedog, Digital Shoreditch will give you priority access to free tickets – what better reason to vote!

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