Kuler than cool!

Adobe Kuler

I recently stumbled across this fantastic time-saving product for designers called Adobe Kuler. It’s a web-hosted application, providing free colour themes that can be used by anybody.

As a design professional there will always be a situation, where it’s hard to find the right colour theme for a project. Although loads of good books on colour theory have been written, most designers simply do not have the time to delve into a study of the complexities of using colour.

This is where Kuler comes in. It not only provides a huge number of colour themes, it’s also build on an active community, which creates and publishes the colour palettes they are talking about. Once you register with Kuler, you can begin to create your own colour themes or palettes and store, view, and retrieve all your saved themes in your personal Mykuler space.
Most importantly, It encourages you to try out different colour combinations quickly and easily – based around one key colour or derived from an image – invaluable when creating corporate colour palettes!
Check it out!

The Kuler interface – Clean

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