Case Studies

Pro audio product design and rendering for global DSP pro audio brand

We have assisted our Canadian pro audio client with providing product design for their DSP equipment and supporting range of gear.

We received a general brief of components required and were tasked with engineering and visualising the DSP gear so that it tied in with the existing brand spirit and look and feel.

The resulting renders and 3D files were then provided to the engineering team in order to complete the required product design and engineering. The beauty about undertaking visualisation in 3D rather than say photoshop, is that once the model is constructed it can be rendered in a myriad of positions and angles. This enables the client and engineers to see the full environment around their products.

Pro Audio Product Design

This unit features a gloss black acrylic fascia with soft touch buttons and control dial.

Pro Audio Product Design

The DSP product contains back lit elements as well as a lit brand device and branded LED screen.

The DSP unit design language is deliberately sleek, dark and minimal – in keeping with the brand aesthetic.

Pro Audio Product Design

Of course the beauty of 3D is that once the primary product is built – the models can be visualised from any angle and in any configuration.

We have also provided visualisation and product design support for their simpler interface units.

The result is a consistancy in design language which is far easier to visualise compared to a set of product engineering CAD drawings.

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