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Awesome branding created for top Canadian pro-audio brand

This client is a prominent name in the development of DSP systems. It is headquartered in Canada and was founded there in 2002. It’s focus is the development of high-end audio processors for a number of environmental applications. Firedog was tasked in creating dynamic audio branding for the business.

Firedog worked together in conjunction with a London based brand strategy consultancy and partner agency in delivering a contemporary corporate identity for the audio sector. The pro-audio branding existed yet it lacked the necessary gloss to compete against the entrenched players in the game. Our task became to elevate the audio branding into a far more competitive space.

Audio Branding for Xilica

The Brand Symbol

The existing brand did not really have any kind of notable symbol to go with the brand identity. It had a mark which did not render well at small sizes and was generally poorly applied. We created a strong typography based wordmark and then took the notable elements from this mark and built out a visual identity. The audio branding identity relied on dynamic shapes cut at angles. This became combined with an electric colour palette which brought the communications to life.

The Xilica wordmark used for audio branding

The wordmark and corresponding graphic symbol.

The graphic language could be adapted and changed to suit the different environments in which it appeared. We delivered the design of communications, print design, brochure design, advertising packaging and product design. The newly created website channels audiences into segmented content applicable to their market. Therefore, the result of the brand is a far more slick and confident business.

The Xilica audio branding applied to print communications

The audio branding applied to print communications

The Xilica audio branding applied to business cards

The audio branding applied to business cards which used a great deal of black for a moody feel and also to offset the more acidic palette.

The Xilica website features strong audio branding cues

The colour palette makes the absorption of content exciting and easy online.

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