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Braavos brand created for future tech focussed Private Equity business

Firedog has created a brand identity for a new London based private equity startup, Braavos Investment Advisers. The Braavos Capital fund focusses on fast evolving technologies and future developments in the sciences, medicine and engineering.

In particular, Braavos has unique access to the entire portfolio of spin-out companies originating from the research conducted at the University of Oxford. The access to the portfolio of current and future spin-outs is held through BC II LP’s investment in the shares of Oxford Sciences Innovation plc. (“OSI”)

Our design inspiration for the branding effort began with a fascination for positive sci-fi imagery and its dream like ambitions for future living. Whilst inspired in the spirit of 60s popular American sci-fi comic culture, the branding has all the minimalist cues of the modern aesthetic.

We wanted to create a brand which was based out of both an abstraction of the initial character B but also has a mystical connection to abstract symbology. The brand concepts feature structural totems, ziggurat like plinths, future flying craft and dimensional planes.

The final selected brand mark is a bit more of a simplified take with a symbol which is both a B and a tesseract like structure.

Have a look at the full Braavos financial brand identity case study here.

Firedog has a great deal of experience in creating a brand and visual identity and expanding this into digital experience design. We also have a real understanding of boutique financial services design, communications and branding.

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