The Chip Shop Awards – A celebration of poor taste

In our day to day world of creating ultra slick and tidy communications – One cannot help think what our creative lives would be like if we were not reigned in by logical constraints. For example: No client direction, no marketing objective and certainly no political correctness. Fortunately, there are marketing insurgents out there that have created just the vehicle for this annual episode of sillyness (and always humourous) activities. We bring you the Chip Shop Awards hosted by Northern creative monkeys – The Drum. After walking away with a Vinegar award last year (The runner up prize), the Firedog team are amped this year to exceed all levels of good taste and respectibility with our motley selection below. Enjoy!

{Those with sensibilities and overtly conservative leanings – Please let us not disrespect your right to sanity, and look away about now}

Hate Windows?

Hate Windows? The billboard

In Private Browsing was MY idea

In Private underground

Mr Berlusconi – Chick magnate

Mr Chick Magnate on a nice Adshel

Dark lord of northern africa earns more money for mercenaries wages via deal with BSkyB

Dark lord on billboard

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