Eye catching

Kirk Originals recently launched a London flagship store in Covent garden that uses clever optical tricks to merchandise its distinctive eyewear.

The brand is built around Jason Kirks vision of what glasses should be: Hand Sculpted, Fun pieces, putting the illusion of movement into frames. This vision of the products is integrated into the store itself. Lenticular eyes in the entry window wink and move as shoppers pass by. Inside, 187 white sculptural heads with printed eyes peer through each frame in the collection. On the back wall of the store, a black and white projection of the Kirk Originals logo shot through a kaleidoscope creates an ever-changing pattern.
This is an excellent example of a true brand experience, a futuristic and artistic store design to showcase a modern, chic collection. Be sure to visit it soon, not only will this be the most creative eyewear store that you have ever been too, but you’ll soon be able to enjoy the full Kirk Originals Experience which will include a opticians downstairs!

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