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What is PriceRunner? Animated video

PriceRunnerBack in 2011, Firedog worked with PriceRunner on their brand positioning and logo design. As a part of this project, we identified that many people don’t understand what it is that PriceRunner do or what differentiates them from their competitors.

Language guidelines were created to ensure that all copy on the website was friendly and personable, like PriceRunner. More of an explanation was needed – we realised a video was required.

The process of creating the animated video was full of different stages. We began with some concepts for the visual look and feel of the video choosing a few frames from a draft script. Once a visual concept was chosen we wrote the full script with each frame in mind. The storyboard come next, directed by the script. This was sketched until we were happy with the results and we could get started using an actual computer.

The storyboard was created in colour and signed off so that the video production could begin. The video also had to be timed with the script which was read by Henry Lloyd-Hughes and recorded in Miloco studios.

The script was tweaked to allow for retailers and Which? to feature and show their support for PriceRunner as a site championing the shopping comparison site.

The video is live on the PriceRunner homepage and on our You Tube channel.

image 9

Showing how the PriceRunner website works

image 4

Searching through 4 million items day and night

image 5

What is PriceRunner? I am PriceRunner

image 6

Showcasing the different ways to use PriceRunner

image 8

So you can relax with your new purchase

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