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The weekly roundup: twerking clients, The Blues Kitchen and extreme owls

downloadHave you been soaking up the sun? Not only have we been enjoying the good weather; live music from Muddy Waters’ son at The Blues Kitchen brightened up our week. In other news, check out the worst Starbucks misspellings and take a look at our latest website build!

Eye catchers

imagesIf you’re in need of a cultural fix, don’t miss out on Museums at Night, the three night event that transforms London’s museums. Discover Samuel Johnson’s house by candlelight, hunt ghosts at the Royal Artillery Museum, or take part in a 1914-style celebration at the London Transport Museum.

Ever wondered what makes a good blog post? Blogpros have analysed 100 high ranking blog posts and  produced this cool infographic on what readers are looking for. Almost half of the articles took the format of a numbered list, while 35% were “how-to” guides. If people respond most effectively to easily-digestible information and specific guides, are opinion pieces still sought after?


Studio buzz

BnwK3tBCEAAQv5bOur highlight of the week had to be The Blues Kitchen’s opening night. We’ve been walking past Curtain Road for months now, eagerly anticipating its opening. With a live set from Muddy Waters’ eldest son, Mud Morganfield, the venue didn’t disappoint. We’ll be enjoying some more after work drinks here in the future. If you’re closer to Camden, head over to the original Blues Kitchen.

Head to the newly-opened Blues Kitchen on Curtain Road

Tuesday saw the BBC’s “Day of the Body Clock”. We all took the quiz to find out what our sleep patterns were, and whether we were an office of naturally early risers or night owls. Turns out we’re a bunch of mid to extreme owls, with one lark in the mix.

What are the chances of going to Starbucks and getting your name misspelled? Higher than being spelled correctly, that’s for sure. In the Firedog studio alone, Cliff has become Klef and Ammar has been handed a drink for Mark. Not wanting to challenge the barristers, Lucian always calls himself Luke. Unfortunately, even Luke proves confusing. This blog post showcases the funniest Starbucks misspelled names. Are they genuine mistakes, or is it all a clever marketing ploy? More than anything, this article has caused confusion in the studio over the spelling of misspelled vs misspelt…Which is it?


Creative projects

images (1)“We will twerk the creative for Tuesday”. Yes, much to Hannah’s horror, this typo did get sent to a client.

We will twerk the creative for Tuesday

We’ve just launched our new site for the British Racing School. The existing site was outdated and unresponsive; it failed to reflect the world class reputation of the School. The new site is much more interactive and engaging, introducing a filtering option and online survey to help guide prospective students.  Why don’t you take a look at the case study for more information?

weekly_roundup_v2-06We hope you enjoyed our weekly roundup! In case you missed it, here’s last week’s news.Otherwise, until next week…

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