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What’s pressing our buttons this week?

weekly_roundup_v4-10Welcome to the Firedog weekly roundup. With so much going on in the studio, we thought we’d share what’s been catching our eye, the projects we’ve been working on and any slightly unusual studio debates that took place this week.


Rorschach 2.0 – Cristian Todorovic

2014-03-18 14_06_48-Rorschach 2.0 on BehanceWe came across Cristian’s work on Behance. Having got pretty into Rorschach towards the end of last year when we hosted an “Art Therapy” client evening, it was refreshing to see the Swiss psychologist’s inkblots re-imagined in this way.

Rorschach 2.0: inkblots reimagined

Alessandro Sicioldr’s psychedelic – albeit slightly disturbing – drawings also caught our eye this week. We weren’t quite sure how heads in a hot air balloon-style basket symbolised “the mind’s inner world”  – any suggestions?

d21b506cf88275147156cba0627f57a3We’re liking Hunto’s new mural on the corner of Old Street. Influenced by Picasso, Braque and Cubism, the graffiti artist’s exhibition “Huntoland” opens today on 214 Brick Lane. It’s running until the 31st of March, so we’ll definitely be heading over one lunch break! Huntoland is running until March 31st on Brick Lane


We also had a chance to pop next door to KK Outlet and check out their latest exhibition, “The Set Up,” which showcases the darker, more absurd side of the fashion industry. The exhibition runs until the 29th March and is definitely worth a visit.

Studio buzz

imagesTuesday’s debate in the design studio: If you had to eat one kind of meat for the rest of your life, which would it be? While it was generally agreed that pork is the most versatile meat, beef was the clear winner. Whether fish is classed as a meat remains to be decided.

If you had to have one kind of meat for the rest of your life, which would it be?

We also had a lengthy lunchtime debate over the extent to which brands can touch on gender stereotypes these days. While we like to think that this is a thing of the past, biting into a Yorkie Bar and opening a pack of McCoy’s “Man Crisps” suggests otherwise. This led to discussing how we feel when brands openly compare themselves to their competitors in adverts. Is this tacky? Does it make the brand look insecure in its own value?

Creative projects

downloadHannah’s been getting her head down doing a lot of brand research this week for one of our newest clients, DONG Energy, an offshore wind company. We’ve also had a fair bit of number crunching with T&Cs getting underway for some exciting new clients, and have had some interesting new business leads.

For Ammar, it’s been a long week of coding as he puts in the final tweaks on our website for the British Racing School – watch this space for a full blog post soon.

Our brand new website for Imperial College Business School went live at the end of last week. This has been a really fun process and we continue to work with the Business School on upcoming MBA procedures. Check out the blog post here.

Until next week, then.

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