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Firedog takes on tagging

Firedog have been appointed to develop and implement brand and marketing strategy for web 2.0 company Jiglu

Firedog have been appointed to develop and implement brand and marketing strategy for web 2.0 company Jiglu
Firedog have been appointed to develop a digital brand and marketing strategy for web technology innovation company, Jiglu. The project will include brand definition and identity, naming and identity creation for Jiglu’s software products, website design and the full digital roll out of the brand.
Jiglu have developed a pioneering new tagging service for blogs, an intelligent software plug-in or ‘widget’ that automatically creates relevant tags by sifting through web content and linking the most important information together. The technology that drives the product is incredibly sophisticated, but with a simple to use interface and free plug and play installation, Jiglu is set to revolutionise tagging as we know it. Jiglu have also created a community service driven by similar principals – intelligently linking email topics and discussion threads with relevant tags within a dedicated community space.
Firedog’s job will be to address all aspects of Jiglu’s brand and visual communication on the web. As a true web 2.0 brand, and the challenge will be to create a compelling proposition and identity that works at different web touch points – from the Jiglu site itself to the product icons that will appear on blogs or sites using Jiglu technology. The brand development project will be working towards the open release of Jiglu’s tagging product, currently in beta phase testing, in the very near future.
Firedog are very excited to be working on this project and anticipate that we will all be seeing a whole lot more of Jiglu in the coming months. Be prepared for the next big thing in intelligent 2.0 functionality – soon you’ll be Jiglu’d too.
So why did Jiglu appoint Firedog?
‘We were looking for a company with strong experience in the web 2.0 arena who were able to offer a complete strategy – from developing our brand through to marketing our technology products. We selected Firedog as they could offer all of this – a complete service approach to digital branding, design and marketing. What won us over was the combination of Firedog’s creative flair and a real understanding of web technology.’
Nigel Cannings, CEO, Jiglu
Jiglu’s blog tagging product is currently in the beta stage of development and available for invited bloggers to test. Click here to find out more and visit Jiglu’s beta site.mented – so continue to watch this space!

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