The dog speaks

Firedog, and all the earth’s incarnations thereof

Firedog is artThink your brand is unique? Have you ever looked for your company’s namesakes online? Cliff investigates.
Ok, this is truly madness! As you may know already I fancy myself as a bit of a google geek. This means I am consistently tweaking our site to improve our rankings and in turn I frequently search for our company name to see where we are on the stage of Google’s almighty web production. So, that leads us to all our namesake cousins. From a Japanese anime studio, an imortation of our brand in the form of a big boy’s toy, to a frankly, sad looking hound on When we finally achieve world domination, we’ll be sure to negotiate a good domain transfer with Radar. Just not sure whether to pay in cash or doggie treats.
Along with more obvious Firedogs, we have some real gems. Firedog has puppies needs no explanation, trust me. Just click on the links to see. And now for the truly spectacular, may I introduce you to “Blackwolf” , the epitome of what I am sure is a long line of trusty fire-fighting Dalmatians. I think the spectacles are a marvelously artistic touch. YOU MUST vote for this picture, I insist! (Scroll to the base of the page to do so.)
So, you think your brand name is the only representation online? Trust me, Google yourself, you’ll find the results intriguing…

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