Babelfish rocks

Babelfish from AltaVistaOk, so it’s not exactly new technology but it’s cool nonetheless. It’s not how well it works or how true to the language it is, it’s the amazingly creative whack writing you can create by taking a random site and translating it. Russian to english is the best. Take this lowly firedog blog for example. Someone on the old red continent has referred to our pitch and productivity article in a forum. Ok, so what now… it’s in funny characters and russian all over. No problemo, give it a bit of the babelfish treatment and away you go. Try it on the above forum topic :> Go to plug the URL into the URL field under “Translate a web page” and select “Russian to English” from the drop down below. Hey presto, insane copywriting at your fingertips! Take the various contributers signatures as a starting point. I’m sure it works well in Russian, but what does this mean in good old English?: “I believe in the life after life, into the love after sex, into the cream after shave”, or “I want will be affectionate cat, sit in your exposed feet?…No, perhaps I will lie a little…Nevertheless will not take off…” I say why pay a copywriter 800 quid a day when you can get the perfect ad copy in five minutes, with a little reckless Babelfishing…

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