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There’s nothing quite like good briefs

A solid gold briefWe’ve taken the time to write a paper entitled ‘How to write a solid brief‘, an article that outlines the importance of writing a good, solid creative brief. This is a valuable reference for both the creative and account teams within an agency and also for the clients that commission them. Most projects that go pete tong these days, we believe, are from either party not agreeing from the onset what the goals or deliverables of the project are to be. It’s so much easier to know where you are going when you have the parameters mapped out ahead of you. Think of it as being nautical navigational charts for ol’ time sailors… or something like that. The full article is available from our . {Not that we usually plug ourselves as being thought leaders, or that this entire blog is actually geared to make us successful, rich and ultimately attractive human beings. Perish the thought.}

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