The dog speaks

Getting the balance right… the work / play balance that is!

Ice Skating

The firedog team throw some shapes

If you’re looking to inspire your team with a crazy fun day out, that pushes both the physical and mental boundaries of each member, Firedog might have some answers for you. We work bloody hard every day to achieve results for our clients and ourselves, but without fail we manage to get out and have some fun. It’s important to us that Firedog pups enjoy their lives at work.  If they are happy, our clients are happy!

Although we’ve often been spotted slurping on a pint or tasting the delights of the local Shoreditch eateries, we’ve also been caught out in the countryside swinging from trees (chattering like monkeys), flying off wakeboards at every corner of a very cold lake and skating on thin ice.

Why stick to dry team building activities when you can get some air in your lungs and laugh all day.  Don’t forget, creativity is at its best during play!

The only outstanding question is, what next?  Any ideas?

Firedog team go wakeboarding

Team get ready

Samuel learning the ropes

Jungle monkey Firedogs

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