An exciting start to 2007

Silver lightwave, fantasticJust when I thought I was going to be able to slack off for the first couple of weeks of 2007, we land a really large project. We were commissioned by a client late in December to organise a photo shoot with three models, some heavy post-production and quite a bit of collatoral to design and turn around.

Silver lightwave, fantasticI’m glad to say that we have once again pulled the proverbial rabbit out the hat and delivered a very nice result – given the press deadline of the 12th January! There was a big scramble to organise the models, photographer, stylist and make up artist; yet the quiet time of the year usually experienced by all certainly helped a little. You can see from the imagery, the shoot was quite heavily styled and needed a bit of creative input. So, no rest for the wicked then!

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned sometime before, the added pressure adds a little spark to the job and creates a bit of excitement. The swearing forfeit cup runneth over. We’re done with it all now and its nicely wrapped up, so on with the late start to the year for the Firedog blog. Enjoy and oh yes, Happy New Year.

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