Merry Christmas from Firedog (Free gift included)

Balls for xmasAfter all of the recent press regarding the ‘outrage against non-Christmas cards‘ (Telegraph 10/12/06), we at Firedog thought it would be vitally important, and essential to the wellbeing of our future generations, to highlight the fact that Christmas is a festive holiday, full of cheer, kindness and it would never be the same if brussel sprouts adorned our mantle pieces wishing us a happy ‘Winter Festival’. In the true spirit of giving in this merry season, Firedog has designed a Christmas card that is absolutely guaranteed not to offend. Simply download the PDF, print it out (remember to use 100% recycled paper from sustainable sources, mind), then cut along the guides and sign your name along the dotted line. Firedog Politically Correct fully sustainable Xmas CardYou may want to cut the card with rounded corners to avoid those terrible accidents and make sure that you have someone to help you if you have trouble using a pair of scissors. Be sure to double check that your surname cannot cause offence like Cliff’s family name.

Wishing you a wickedly wonderful Christmas and New Year

From all of us at Firedog.

Thanks to Dewey, Cheatem & Howe who kindly consulted us on the card.

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