The dog speaks

Santa’s year off

SantOK, now I loved this man like a Father, and some people actually call him Father…but I prefer Santa Claus…but where the hell is he?

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting old, or perhaps I don’t look at poor ads anymore, or I don’t watch the right TV channels, but where on earth has all the Christmas advertising gone? I’m normally humming the Coca Cola theme tune by now… “holiday’s are coming”. Do you know what, I haven’t even heard a Christmas tune on the radio yet and it’s the middle of December? What’s happened to the standard October start to Christmas that marketers’ invented?

Or…maybe…just maybe the retail stores realised just how annoying and damaging the Christmas ‘push’ is for people. Perhaps they realise that most of us only get to have Christmas a week or two prior. I’m actually feeling refreshed, but worried at the same time. It was always reassuring to know that marketing budgets were being spent…but no more? Please…someone enlighten me!

{Original article author: Adam Price}

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