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Sygnia goes beyond the grey

Firedog completes the first branding project on it’s original home turf of many, many years ago, Cape Town…

Sygnia Asset Management is a private firm based in Cape Town that offers investment products to institutional and private clients. Born out of ‘African Harvest Fund Managers’ in 2006, Sygnia is now a thriving organisation.
What was the brief?
Firedog were commissioned to originate a brand born out of South Africa yet be applicable to the European and North American markets. Sygnia wanted a brand that not only demonstrated their analytical methodologies, but delivered an elegant identity that would be confident on the worldwide stage.
What was Firedog’s solution?
Firedog produced a unique and visually appealing identity that exemplifies Sygnia’s core message, ‘The Sum of All Things’. In a highly competitive market, the newly formed Sygnia needed to wow its clients and threaten its competitors. For this reason, Firedog chose to use x-ray photography to support the organic yet highly calculated aspect of the hedge fund business. Firedog used visually delicate natural objects such as shells and flowers to be traversed by a set of mathematical equals lines. Where the lines cross the organic form it bursts out of its x-ray form into colour. Each element of the design is symbolic, not only is Firedog implying that Sygnia represents the black and white methodology of the financial industry, it is also suggesting that they move beyond this, into full colour – a pun on several other South African Investment Banks advertising schemes – Sygnia goes beyond the grey.

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