The dog speaks

Year of the firedog

The year of the Fire DogNow hear this! We knew there would be a good reason for our rather odd choice of company name somewhere down the line. And here it is: This is the year of the fire dog which commenced on the 29th January 2006 according to the Chinese calendar. Fraser was going to pen this article but he’s been so busy so far this year that I thought I’d better take over the challenge. “A very dynamic year whose watchwords are Circumspection, Caution and Practicality”, quotes this FENG SHUI FUNDAMENTALS website. Now, when you give the article a good read, it’s all doom and gloom for this year, bar a few positive nuggets. Most appropiate is this: “The year is favorable for creative partnerships and marriage.” So you have a choice really, marry your long term partner that you’ve been tagging along unfairly – or throw the dog a bone and push some design budget our way and we promise you a long term creative partnership…

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