The beauty of imperfection

So, you spend a grand on the latest reflex camera with super wide angle zoom lens, 20 mega pixels and all this amazing technology and then you use your £1 iPhone app to make cooler pictures… Yes, the Hipstamatic app has changed the angle of taking pictures. You don’t need to know anything about exposure, apertures, metering….only open your app and click. Voila, here is your awesome picture.

If retro sneakers, bleach dye jeans, old Barbours and big framed glasses are the must have items, why not get the same retro look in your pictures?

This is what makes Hispstamatic an amazing app, you can choose from a multitude of lenses, films and flashes and automatically you’ll have completely different results, from over-saturated, discoloured effects, old school square frames and Polaroid style pictures.

The cult brand Lomography captures the same nostalgic feeling but in the analogue form. Spontaneity, chance, experimentation or even happy accidents is what make both (Lomo and Hipstamatic) loved.
”The reality is that we take a bad camera and make it worse it the most beautiful way”, Mario Estrada says, community director of Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic is the most downloaded app for the iPhone, with 1.4 million users. It has a strong online community, thanks to its monthly competition known as The Big Hipstamatic Show, where users can upload their retro snaps with the hope of winning prizes. Not even that, Hipstamatic is one of the photography trends of the moment; blogs ( and even exhibitions capture the randomness of life. (

If you haven’t the chance to use it, for £1.19 you’ll experience the beauty of imperfection.

(Here I leave you some of my Hipstamatic prints. Hope you like them)

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