Where are all the digital ladies?

We’d like to hear from all females working in digital creative teams – lets hear you say heyy!! .. heyy!!. .. It’s true to say that despite there being a proportionate amount of men and women in the world, our digital creative teams seem to lack the female presence.  Why is that?  Anyone know?

If you want to know the answer to this question, check out the She Says team:  This fabulous lot get smart, female digital creatives from the industry together to share knowledge and support females breaking into the digital world.  You could be part of a 3000 global network, whether you feel you have something to share or something to learn.  And what more of an incentive do you want than the opportunitiy to win the Golden Stilletos award – which is calling all innovative women doing amazing things in digital!

Getting involved is free, and there are lots of ways you can support and join the group, whether you become a digital mentor or want to check in for one of their events.  The key is to get more and more women to take part, and make sure we fill in those integral female gaps in digital teams.

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