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No escaping the inbox!

Reading the Metro on my way into the studio this morning and came across this astonishing story about state of the art contact lenses! It seems we will soon be able to see the world like ‘The Terminator’ – receiving texts and emails directly to the front of your eyes – in much the same way as Arnie’s character in the science fiction movie series.

A lens has been developed that could provide the wearer with ‘info vision’ – at present the prototype only contains a single pixel but researchers hope it will soon be used to display short emails and texts!  Moving on from this they could be used in gaming systems or navigation systems – and may even be linked to sensors around the body to provide up-to-date medical information like blood sugar levels!

It seems that science fiction is almost science fact – and the next time you spot someone staring blankly at the wall they may actually be checking their inbox!

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