Working at Firedog: ex Firedoggers have their say…

“In just one year at Firedog, I learned more than in my prior three years at university”, claims Sebastian Housden, while Ross Davison describes social occasions at Firedog as “legendary.” From our passion for hard, honest work to having a little fun and letting our hair down, the Firedog team has always had spark.

Our key business values reflect our conviction that the most constructive and dynamic business relationships are built on a shared system of beliefs. We aim to take an intelligent yet adventurous approach to creativity, thriving on the challenges thrown our way. Want to hear more about what Firedog alumni have to say? Spanning almost a decade of creative input, these ex-Firedoggers recount their experiences.



Sebastian Housden: Designer 2004-2005

“I joined Firedog after graduating with a BA Hons in Graphic Design, spending a year there learning how the business works. In that one year I learned more than in my prior three years at university. I found it indispensable in terms of learning how to apply the skills I had been taught in the professional world. My time at Firedog allowed me to build a portfolio and experience that was the spring board for further employment at several design agencies, working on big brands, before I shifted careers into advertising several years ago. I’m now working at a top agency where I still apply the same independent thinking and creative processes I developed at Firedog.” 26dcfff

Sebastian: I still apply the same independent thinking and creative processes I developed at Firedog.







Nathan Gainford: Account Director 2005-2006

“I worked with Cliff and the Firedog gang when they were based just around the corner from my current agency in Soho. It was a lot of fun. There is a spirit in ‘the dog’ that is rare to find. Over the (many!) years, I’ve come to realise that this spirit is all about the people who work in the agency. It’s their sense of positivity and attitude: a passion for the creative work, relationships between people that enable great work to flourish and a hunger and desire to not lose site of the work. Firedog nurtures these types of people, because Cliff is that type of person.

Francesca Newman: New Business Manager 2006-2007

“Firedog was a really, really exciting experience. It’s dynamic, it’s diverse, and the people are just utterly lovely.”

Agne Cepinskyte: Studio Manager

“I am still really grateful to the whole Firedog team because during my time there I learned so many things that I later used in life. Most importantly to me, I simply had a great time.”

Ross Davison: Business Development Manager  from 2009-2011

Delivering business development function “with aplomb” according to Managing Director Cliff, Ross held this position for just under two years before moving Down Under to Australia. Ross looks back on his time at 43/44 Hoxton Square with fond memories:
“The Firedog team was an eclectic bunch of highly skilled professionals. The team were focused, passionate and extremely hard working. During this time, I made some great friends whilst learning the valuable knowledge that has enabled me to develop a successful and rewarding career within the Creative Industry.”


Ross remembers Firedog events vividly:

“On numerous occasions the team got the opportunity to let their hair down. Social occasions at Firedog were often legendary. One particular festive season, an evening ended in Fabric nightclub. The Firedog team of highly skilled professionals were by now not so skilled, and certainly not professional – except Cliff of course, who noticed the light and sound engineer leave his station momentarily. Without hesitation, Cliff was in the lighting booth and in control of all the lights. He started off sheepishly trialling a few dials, before proceeding to fiddle with almost every button, switch and dial in front of him. The lights went up, down, yellow, blue, bright, dim – it’s a miracle nobody had an epileptic fit. At one stage, the lights were so bright people started to leave the club, thinking that the night must be over. By now the legitimate lighting engineer was making his way back through the hoards of revellers, a look of confusion and panic on his face as he noticed Cliff jeopardizing the integrity of London’s premier nightclub on one of their biggest nights of the year.

“The Firedog team was an eclectic bunch of focused, passionate and extremely hard working individuals.”

All good things inevitability come to an end. I now represent a boutique creative agency called Toast, based in Sydney. Within my 16 months in this position I have doubled the size of the agency and I am now much more involved with the creative side of agency life, as well as nurturing and maintaining profitable client relationships. Living a few yards from the world famous Manly beach, my spare time is usually spent surfing, socialising, eating and sleeping. Without Firedog, I would not be in this fortunate position. Firedog was a great experience, I am proud to have been part of the truly dynamic team. Thanks heaps!”



Jamie Kelly: Account Manager 2010

“I absolutely loved my entire time working there.”

These are just a few examples of experiences at Firedog. You’ll have to work with us to see for yourself.



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