Interactive dining

I love this restaurant. It’s brilliantly tacky, the food tastes great and it’s not hideously overpriced. What’s not to like?

Firstly it looks like something out of a 70’s sci-fi film, which made me laugh (for all the right reasons). Secondly, you pretty much don’t even need to speak to the waiters – which saves a lot of trouble.

Based in Soho, the dining experience at Inamo is completely interactive. You can order whatever you like whenever you like by selecting options through the touch pad table. You can chop and change your orders. You can change the image being projected onto the surface. You can play games. There’s a chef cam so you can spy on the kitchen. It’s the perfect first-date restaurant – there’s so much to talk about. And for those of you who don’t want to make conversation anymore? Try a game of battleships.

Interactive table screens

In all seriousness though, Inamo is great. The food is genuinely really good. I would go hungry and order a bunch of the small dishes to share. You’ll easily have enough. Take a first date if you’re nervous and want something to fill those awkward silences. Or take a bunch of friends and get competitive over a bottle of wine and game of battleships. Either way you’ll have loads of fun and be booking your next visit on the way out of the door.

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