The Credible In-Guide to Shoreditch & Hoxton

Here at Firedog, we like to keep you up to date with what’s happening around Shoreditch & Hoxton. It’s been our home for over 10 years now and we felt it was about time we shared our local knowledge.

A trip east is like no other in London. Every corner of the city has its own vibe, and the north east is known for being at the forefront of creative thinking. Trends are known to start here, and the locals are a collective of offbeat individuals whose street style cause ripples across the whole of greater London. From numerous recording studios, design agencies and art galleries, people flock to this hub of inspiration looking for new ideas and to stretch their imaginations.

So, seeing as we loved it enough to stick around for this long, we felt it was about time we offered up our favourite spots so as our friends could experience the wonders of east London for themselves. We wanted to present this in a way that did this area justice, reflecting both the epic design ability contained within the Shoreditch triangle, but also the fun seeking attitude of its residents.

And thus we present to you our credible in-guide to Shoreditch & Hoxton (check) in the form of a Monopoly Board – Firedog style.

Our team has pulled together some of their favourite spots from Old St. to the Kingsland Road.

Our team has pulled together some of their favourite spots from Old St to the Kingsland Road. We’ve devised our own interpretation of the traditional Monopoly board complete with tips and tricks for staying on the straight and narrow when visiting Shoreditch.

Firstly we looked at the design. We’re big fans of this area’s industrial heritage. We took inspiration from the Victorian era, when east London was all about hand crafting and workmanship. We used this nostalgic style coupled with an etched out, handwritten typeface as a nod to the area’s past and put a contemporary spin on things.

Next, places. We decided to focus on the area marked by 4 key east London stations; Liverpool St, Old St, Hoxton and Shoreditch High St. For each road, 3 hot spots, and for each hot spot, a small description. The stations themselves got a little personalised attention as well.

Finally, a little Firedog treatment. We’ve taken your normal community chest & chance cards and swapped them for our dares and challenges. We had some fun pooling our past experiences together to devise these, and many had to be thrown out as absolutely not suitable for a work-based project.

Over the next few MONTHS we’ll be working to bring you our credible in-guide in interactive format

We have printed a few copies as a limited edition which have been sent out to clients as a Christmas card. So what next?! Seeing as we’re slap-bang in the centre of London’s very own silicone valley, it would be just wrong if we weren’t to produce some of our usual top-of-the-range digital work to accompany our tour of the East. Over the next few weeks we’ll be working to bring you our credible in-guide in interactive format, to be available across all mobile devices. Use it to find your way around our part of town, inform you where’s good to go for that perfect first date or just generally wonder at our creative abilities.

So come on down to Shoreditch and see what takes your fancy. We can guarantee you’ll see a side of London you didn’t even know was here and it might surprise you how much you like it.

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