Panoramic images

Nikon 7900I’ve got a small hobby developing panoramic images using digital cameras and stitching software and here are some of my latest from a recent trip to the States. They’ve been shot using my trusty Nikon 7900 and stitched together using Arcsoft’s Panorama Maker. Whilst it works most of the time, sometimes it creates a bit of a wonky image and one has to revert to manual stitching in Photoshop. One day I hope to create a wall mounted piece of all my panoramics from various parts of the world. Just need to think of a name really. Yosemite parkThe first in this series shows Fraser in the left of frame shot in the Yosemite national park (A national park which comes highly recommended by myself). Yosemite park This image shows the North East entrance to the park, where you have to drive up a very steep pass. The Grand Canyon No brownie points for guessing where this image was shot I’m afraid. The ubiquitous Grand Canyon. Everything is big in the States, and that goes for their potholes too.

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