The dog speaks

Political incorrectness

ProfanityI think this world has gone tooooo far. The nanny state has flexed it’s arms (the safe human kind, of course) and has decided that we the public can no longer be held responsible for thinking for ourselves.It just gets silly in these instances that crop up that clearly highlight the pedantic nature of it all. Take for example the image below, the dumbfoundment of which caused the usually non-cynical self to pen this article.Boobyer login errorI am now being told that I am altogether wrong and downright rude. This eerily reminds me of the opening gambit of Douglas Adams’s famous Hitchhikers book where the council had decided that the blokes house and indeed planet was to be removed as per a council bylaw. I expect that any minute I’ll here a knock on the door from the boob police who will relish in dragging me away to be cleansed from my rude profanity. You can call me Clifford Breastyer from now on, and oh yeah, don’t speak to my old austrian snowboarding friend, Klaus Knobbelscheizer, he’s a right rude dirty boy.

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