New album art from Kasabian

Empire cover art from KasabianKasabian, an indie rock band from Leicester in the UK have released their second album Empire and the cover art is just, really nice, really. Empire cover art from KasabianI like creative that zigs when the world zags (terminology credited to a Mr John Hegarty from BBH) and this album cover seems to me to acheive that goal. It’s what we like to call random – that special place where a concept is not overanalysed, examined and cleansed by the rational thinkers of this world. A place where creative communicates on a level that flies beneath the clouds of logical conversation. If one were to plug your little white designer iPod earphones into the record sleeve, one would hear “Mmm, look at me – you didn’t quite expect that – just imagine how different I could sound”. I’d buy that over a band group portrait any day. Lovely stuff.

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