A well-oiled machine: Richard Wilson’s 20:50 at the Saatchi Gallery

One exhibition that is definitely worth checking out is Richard Wilson’s 20:50.

This contemporary piece is the only permanent installation at the Saatchi gallery and its current home is in Gallery 13. The room itself is designed specifically for the exhibit and a clever use of angles and reflections create a truly mystifying illusion. The exhibit 20:50 takes its name from the type of recycled engine oil used. It is thick and clean of any other substance in order to give a pure reflection of the space around it.

The exhibit manages to disorientate its viewers by placing them waist deep within a perfect mathematically symmetrical scope. This creates a mesmerizing experience that is sure to dumfound. Although it has been around for two decades, it is a timeless piece that never fails to capture the imagination. The concept is still fresh, modern and has a legendary status within the art world.

Thanks to Robert Southgate, our lovely intern, for this blog.

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