Have a scratch

ScratchingI think scratching vinyl is great. Well, when it’s with innocent intention, I think it is; Less so for my neighbours cat having a go at my prize collection. Anyway, the art of scratch-mixing is fab, superb and generally good for you. As you may or may not know, I dabble a little in the odd disc jockeying now and again and a mate of mine, Teo, is a demon on the stylus. I sit their gawping for hours before I humbly drop my needle and spend what seems like an infinity lining up my next tune.

Which brings me to the point of this article, if there ever was one. Oh yes, I love scratching. (I think I covered that already). The unmentioned point is this: I’ve seen a viral for “PRO X Crossfader technology” that I adore. I’m guessing that I love it because it contains a) Scratching b) Good film making c) a cool soundtrack and d) Manipulation of people from a higher level (hang on, that’s not me?) that I love it so much. I urge you to check it out, now.

Which brings me on to the next issue; Scratching. Here is another link which I think is the bomb. It’s the home page for a scratch artiste called DJ Keltech, who combines really talented scratch mixing with a lashings of humour and parody. Won my support, then�

Now if I can try and educate a few more people to the fact, that when I say “I love scratching” that it’s not because I’m infested, we’ll all be sorted.

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