The wonders of WordPress

At Firedog our preferred content management system (CMS) is WordPress.

When I joined Firedog I had very little knowledge of the wondrous system. I have worked with various Content Management Systems previously; Kentico, Drupal and even a custom made CMS, but nothing lives up to the impeccable WordPress usability.

I think the WordPress CMS system is the best available, it’s not a selfish choice because it’s not the easiest for us to build, it’s because it’s super simple for the end user to update. Other CMS systems are geared much more towards making easy work for the developer and considerations of how the end user will interact with the CMS can be seen as a bit of an afterthought.

This is where WordPress is different, the end user is their focus and allowing you to update the site with ease is their main priority.

WordPress started out as a blogging CMS system. It was created to be easy for anyone to use and set up their own blog, this is how their simple user interface was born. Following its success in the blogging website arena, WordPress sites moved into the full website CMS, keeping the simplicity of the user interface at the heart of the system.

Creating a blog or news page on your WordPress website is easy as this is where the CMS system started out, its speciality so to speak. Creating filters and recency feeds for your blog or news page is simple within WordPress. The site can work as one rather than using two different technologies, one for your main site and another for your blog area. This is one thing that has amazed some of the clients we have spoken to about the WordPress CMS system. Many websites use a CMS system that does not support a blog that can function as well as WordPress so they use two systems and have web links between the two. Users notice this difference and it can make the site look fragmented, poorly made and can also break up the user journey of the website.

WordPress is the CMS of choice at Firedog but it’s clear that we are not the only people holding this view. WordPress holds the lion’s share of the CMS market among the top 1 million websites. Over 50% of CMS based websites in the top 1 million list are run on the WordPress system. There are so many different systems out there but WordPress is taking over for the top websites, and why? WordPress offers simplicity with its user interface but doesn’t compromise when it comes to functionality and flexibility in designing truly wonderful, interactive websites.

There are so many benefits of using a CMS system for your website. It can be updated quickly and more frequent news updates helps your SEO. WordPress is so good, you’ll want to keep updating and updating.

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