United Kingdom creative industries. Be aware!

I noticed this initiative undertaken by the Belgian creative industry as a whole and I find it fascinating. Well I must have, in order to break out from my blogging malaise – Have a look below and the previous article dates from christmas 2008, probably down to too much pitching! Anyway, Belgian agencies have decided en mass to stage a one week virtual strike against multiple agency pitches… 21 agencies have taken their websites down for a week and replaced them with a protest message that you read by clicking through each of their sites.

Now, I am not jumping on the agency band wagon at all. What strikes me as particularly relevant is the number of big hitters involved. Agencies from TBWA through to Publicis are all firmly putting their foot down. Multiple agency pitching is pants, (also the cost is something we can vouch for) in fact I recall Paul from Preloaded saying to me that they were once invited to pitch for a project together with 18 agencies. Come on. I wonder if the brave Belgian’s idea would ever work in the UK? I am carefully watching to see if this is a mere creative mumble of discontent or the start of something truly positive.

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