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Firedog creates an above the line campaign to fire up the youth of Lewisham (and beyond)

Firedog’s experience in creating dynamic communications geared for the youth market has been harnessed by Lewisham College for the second year running. Lewisham College has approached Firedog with a very clear objective – to inspire London based 16-18 year olds and confidently state that Lewisham College is THE place to learn from the best, in order to achieve a successful future.

With a clear brief in hand, Firedog is excited by the creative opportunities for this inspiring youth advertisement campaign. It’s right up our street. The firedog designers are currently working their magic; indulging in colour palettes, font styles and photographic hero images with supporting imagery to create a unique, memorable and bright graphic language. The strategic direction is in-line with key aspirational sports brands eg Nike – commanding the audience to ‘be their best’.

Working with the designers, our campaign copywriter is developing strong, impactful strategic campaign lines, communicating the core benefits of the college and together with the visuals, creating a campaign with attitude.

Look out for the posters, flyers, billboards, newspaper & magazine press ads, bus stop Adshels and bus Ts across London for a glimpse of the creativity and inspiration Firedog has masterminded. Coming to your street, June.

Take a look at the campaign case study here.

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