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Firedog lights up Geo’s fibre network

Geo requests the creative talents of Firedog to develop their brand and create stimulating, image rich collateral for their sales workforce

Geo enables businesses to have their own private, tailored network with virtually unlimited bandwidth along with the highest levels of security and reliability. They need some help in delivering this message though…

Firedog is set to audit Geo’s current brand and run a strategic brand workshop with the team, in order to get under the skin of the business. Key drivers will be designed to reflect the key business values, USP’S, objectives, target audiences, competitors, messages and tone of voice. This in turn will help to drive the copy tone-of-voice and styling, messaging, brand image style and treatment, and visual identity concept, which will be implemented across the new website and all sales collateral:

  • Corporate brochure
  • Product datasheets
  • Project datasheets
  • PowerPoint template

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