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Know it All for Primary schools wins Childnet and Firedog international medea award

Firedog scoops top dog honour in international education and media awards The exciting and creative animation project undertaken by firedog on behalf of client, Childnet International, has just scooped top honours at the international Medea awards, based this year in Berlin.

The competition attracted 254 entries from 39 countries, showing the high degree of interest there is in the use of media in education and training. Entries were received from all types of organisations including professional production facilities, schools, audio-visual departments of universities, training providers, public authorities, public service broadcasters and content providers.

The type of media varied greatly and included linear videos aimed at supporting science education, media supported challenge-based games used by university students for enhancing their skills in sociology, marketing and engineering, second life applications supporting laboratory experimentation, joint creation of cartoons by primary schools, repositories of video clips supporting cross-border collaboration amongst teenagers, online simulations supporting vocational training and language learning and lots more.

The Know IT All for Primary resource was rated by the judges as “an attractive educational adventure story which is playfully realised and with lots of emotions. The critically important topic of internet safety is targeted with aplomb for its young audience. The animations are most engaging, well-scripted and the added value of the smart kids hits the spot perfectly. Adding the Live Crew (real live peers) is a successful way of making the story and the experiences of the 3D characters more recognisable for the target audience. Know it All for Primary Schools provides a very complete and detailed pedagogical framework, excellently realised and with outstanding pedagogical quality of the various learning materials! It is excellent, compelling, with a high production value and as easy to use as a rental DVD. It is a most impressive resource which deserves a very wide uptake.”

Firedog are proud to be associated with Childnet and the subsequent Medea award and we are thoroughly chuffed that all the passion and hard work we have put into the project is paying off, assisting and educating so many children the world over.

Find out more detail about the production behind the award and view the animations, by having a look at the Kara and Winston case study page.

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